Flagship Retail Location

Goldfinger Jewelry & Treasure coming soon to 3rd Street in San Francisco!

It's been over 20 years since I did any construction on retail space for my business. I am so excited to bring you a flagship retail store for Goldfinger Jewelry. So far the biggest hurdle has been finding a company who can install compact roll up gates that meet our security requirement. We found one, but time is at their mercy. Once they are installed, we will fill the store with inventory and get those doors open! We will have a digital kiosk where you can virtually assemble a custom piece of jewelry. Your piece will be made at our factory in Berkeley where we will have a live feed to the bench where you can watch the progress of your piece coming to life. In store, we will feature various other local jewelry makers and craftsfolks. There will be jewelry, everyday carry items, brass, and leather. All of which can be customized with our laser engraver. Follow us on instagram @goldfinger_co for progress updates and opening day.

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