Kelsey O'Leary

I was getting some incredible Arna Miller prints framed at the frame shop in my neighborhood while chatting up the owner about the good old days before folks ran into walls and missed their floors on elevators due to digital pre occupation. Out on the street a dear friend happened to glimpse inside the frame shop and promptly popped in with news of a fundraising event happening in a couple weeks. She asked if I had any jewelry I could donate for the auction. I immediately said yes, I could do a simple hammered disk earring set....oh wait, no! I will do a pair of Rose Gold Swarovski Skull earrings! Even Better! Then coming to my typically absent filter, I had to ask what I may be supporting with this donation. She explained her business had recently lost a new team member in a fire and it was a fundraising event for all those affected. Giving my condolences, I asked further, who was gone? Kelsey O'Leary. A flash of chilling goosebumps consumed me, as I actually had made a pair of those Rose Gold Skull earrings as a gift for her months ago. I still had them, I just hadn't had a chance to go over and see her to drop them off....

That very pair of earrings made for Kelsey will be up for auction Monday November 12, 2018 at Magnolia Brewing Dogpatch. Come join us as Serpentine and Third Rail go dark in memoriam. 

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