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Rough diamonds in shades of grey laying in a pile


Genuine Diamonds! A curation of all the jewelry to add to your ice collection.

  • Natural - Naturally occurring mined diamonds
  • Lab Grown - A genuine diamond that grows in a controlled environment. Think of a Christmas Tree farm, as opposed to going on a hike in the wilderness to cut down your tree. Both are grown the same way, one is a bit better on the environment all around.
  • Color Enhanced - A genuine diamond that started out grey, white, or yellowish and has been treated with high pressure and/or radiation to change its color. Clear, crisp, dependable colored diamonds.

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Large Diamond Letter DangleLarge Diamond Letter Dangle
Large Diamond Letter Dangle Sale priceFrom $420.00
3-Prong Natural Stone Dangle3-Prong Natural Stone Dangle
3-Prong Natural Stone Dangle Sale priceFrom $388.00
Diamond Bee DangleDiamond Bee Dangle
Diamond Bee Dangle Sale priceFrom $280.00
Black Diamond Signet Pinky Ring
Black Diamond Signet Pinky Ring Sale priceFrom $5,450.00
Lab-Grown Diamond Bezel DangleLab-Grown Diamond Bezel Dangle
Lab-Grown Diamond Bezel Dangle Sale priceFrom $125.00
Diamond Cassette DangleDiamond Cassette Dangle
Diamond Cassette Dangle Sale priceFrom $254.00
Diamond Cupcake DangleDiamond Cupcake Dangle
Diamond Cupcake Dangle Sale priceFrom $378.00
Diamond Dangle
Diamond Dangle Sale priceFrom $165.00
Diamond Flower DangleDiamond Flower Dangle
Diamond Flower Dangle Sale priceFrom $277.00
Diamond Cat DangleDiamond Cat Dangle
Diamond Cat Dangle Sale priceFrom $277.00
Diamond Hashtag DangleDiamond Hashtag Dangle
Diamond Hashtag Dangle Sale priceFrom $394.00
Diamond Headphone DangleDiamond Headphone Dangle
Diamond Headphone Dangle Sale priceFrom $345.00
Diamond Heart DangleDiamond Heart Dangle
Diamond Heart Dangle Sale priceFrom $312.00
Diamond Elephant DangleDiamond Elephant Dangle
Diamond Elephant Dangle Sale priceFrom $328.00
Diamond Butterfly DangleDiamond Butterfly Dangle
Diamond Butterfly Dangle Sale priceFrom $382.00
Diamond Beetle DangleDiamond Beetle Dangle
Diamond Beetle Dangle Sale priceFrom $240.00
Diamond Snake DangleDiamond Snake Dangle
Diamond Snake Dangle Sale priceFrom $192.00
Diamond Number DangleDiamond Number Dangle
Diamond Number Dangle Sale priceFrom $296.00
Diamond Letter DangleDiamond Letter Dangle
Diamond Letter Dangle Sale priceFrom $354.00
Diamond Taco DangleDiamond Taco Dangle
Diamond Taco Dangle Sale priceFrom $420.00
Natural Diamond Spike NecklaceNatural Diamond Spike Necklace
Drilled Diamond Solitaire NecklaceDrilled Diamond Solitaire Necklace
Drilled Diamond Solitaire Necklace Sale price$1,608.00 Regular price$2,010.00
Earring JacketsEarring Jackets
Earring Jackets Sale priceFrom $445.00
Diamond Pear Bezel StudsDiamond Pear Bezel Studs
Diamond Pear Bezel Studs Sale priceFrom $823.00
Diamond Geometric Hoop EarringsDiamond Geometric Hoop Earrings
Diamond Geometric Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $823.00
Ear Cuff with Chain to Diamond StudEar Cuff with Chain to Diamond Stud
Lab Grown Diamond Hinged Hoop EarringsLab Grown Diamond Hinged Hoop Earrings
Sold outNatural Diamond Spike Ear StudsNatural Diamond Spike Ear Studs
Baguette Diamond StudsBaguette Diamond Studs
Baguette Diamond Studs Sale priceFrom $1,140.00
Diamond Buddha Necklace
Diamond Buddha Necklace Sale price$875.00
Rose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #4Rose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #4
Sold outRose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #3
Rose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #2
Rose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #1Rose Cut Grey Diamond Stackable Ring #1
Sold outSolitaire Grey Diamond "V" RingSolitaire Grey Diamond "V" Ring
Diamond Honeycomb Ring
Diamond Honeycomb Ring Sale priceFrom $1,264.00
Diamond Bar Necklace
Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$635.00
Diamond Fan Necklace
Diamond Fan Necklace Sale price$795.00
Pearl Diamond Fan RingPearl Diamond Fan Ring
Pearl Diamond Fan Ring Sale price$665.00
Craters of the Moon Ring
Craters of the Moon Ring Sale price$265.00
Full Moon Pendant
Full Moon Pendant Sale price$495.00
Mystic Hand Necklace
Mystic Hand Necklace Sale price$660.00
Hand n Eye Necklace
Hand n Eye Necklace Sale price$215.00
Full Moon Ear Studs
Full Moon Ear Studs Sale price$1,155.00
Golden Flower Triangle Pendant
Golden Flower Triangle Pendant Sale price$203.00 Regular price$290.00
Limited Edition Fresh Water Pearl Pendant 002
Limited Edition Fresh Water Pearl Pendant 002 Sale price$658.00 Regular price$940.00
Fresh Water Pearl Pendant 4.7
Fresh Water Pearl Pendant 4.7 Sale price$380.00 Regular price$540.00
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