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About us

Welcome to Goldfinger Jewelry, thanks for stopping by! Here's how it all began...

Goldfinger Jewelry was born from Body Manipulations professional piercing studio. Body Manipulations has been piercing folks since 1989 making it the oldest professional piercing studio in operation. Around the turn of the century, long time employee and piercer Paul Stoll took on ownership of Body Manipulations and noticed something new about his customers. They were no longer just asking for that 'piercing', now they were asking for that 'jewelry' even if it meant we had to put a hole in them for them to wear it. This began his passion for gold body jewelry leading to his nickname of "Goldfinger". The body piercing industry has always had a huge advantage over the traditional jewelry industry in that we have so many more body parts to put stuff on. However; with the strict specifications of body jewelry to make it safe and comfortable for wearing everywhere, we are challenged to find excellent producers of body jewelry. There are hundreds of thousands of jewelers across the country, but only a few dozen high quality body jewelry manufacturers and even less that work in gold. With classical training in jewelry making and a diploma from world renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Goldfinger puts the craft of precision body piercing into the art of fine jewelry. Producing not just 'body jewelry' nor 'traditional jewelry' but fine jewelry for everywhere and everyone.

Goldfinger Jewelry is located in a large sunny workshop in the industrial section of Berkeley, California. Our workshop is not open to the general public but you can visit us at our retail store, Goldfinger Jewelry and Treasure, located at 2435 3rd Street in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco.

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