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What you get when you buy Goldfinger


A brand you can trust

With over 20 years in small business ownership

you can count on Goldfinger to do it right.


A passion that shows

You will see and feel in the final product the passion and dignity invested in every detail.


Made to last

Goldfinger uses only the finest, purest materials from renewable and environmentally responsible sources.


Fast turnaround time!

In stock wholesale seamless rings will ship the same day. If in process, you will still see your order within 10 days. Goldfinger knows what it's like to be dead in the water waiting for those long turnaround times.



We guarantee our work! If there is any issue with any of our products, Goldfinger is personally accessible and happy assist you.



Over 25 years professional piercing experience.

Over 20 years of polishing and finishing experience.

Classical training in jewelry making with a diploma from world renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts of San Francisco.