18k Gold vs 14k Gold

18k Gold is 75% Gold

Although the price is higher for 18k, you are getting heaps more of actual gold with every ring. Yellow gold will be the lowest price of the shades. Rose gold comes in a little higher in price due to its complex alloy to achieve that rich rosy color. 18k Palladium White gold is 100% nickel free. You pay a premium for the palladium, but in all body piercings nickel must be avoided. 18k is the European standard for all jewelry, including traditional jewelry.

14k Gold is 58% Gold

Less gold, 42% silver and copper. Perfectly safe alloy, 14k gold still tends to be the American standard alloy for jewelry. Most fine body jewelry makers sell 14k due to the popularity of its reduced price and the perceived deeper red in rose gold. Although you may find that 14k Rose as well as 14k Palladium White may still price out near 18k Yellow.

22k Peach Gold - A Goldfinger exclusive!

A whopping 91.6% gold in this alloy. A truly unique glow of peach in this special alloy. We are pleased to offer this warm color to compliment our rich 18k Yellow, our deep rosy red 18k Rose, and the bright white 18k Palladium White. Curate your jewelry to the next level!

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